George Watts Montessori Elementary is excited to announce a 5 week, full day summer camp, for our rising 2nd and 3rd graders!!


With the financial support of Duke's Office of Durham and Regional Affairs we have developed a program consistent with our Montessori Philosophy and Methodology and the academic needs of our students.


Students participating in the camp will receive academic support in the area of literacy through an integrated curriculum which incoporates Big History, Peace Education and Responsible Citizenship.   

Engaging read alouds, interactive learning materials and hands-on explorations will take students on a journey beginning at the creation of our universe and ending at present day.

As student begin to care for themselves and their surrounding through various shared activities such as; gardening, cooking and yoga, they are introduced to the values of compassion, equality, interdependence, diversity, sustainability and non-violence.

Books with strong characters give students positive rolemodels that help them to explore how responsible citizenship traits are essential to promoting world citizens who respect and cherish all living things and the natural environment which sustains them.